Welcome to Gurkha Junction

An Experience team of chefs are ready and eager to serve you their speciality dishes in this relaxed and friendly meeting place for old friends and New. With new fusion of exotic flavours from beautiful Kingdom of Nepal.

Our chefs have travelled to distant lands with many years of experience through(India, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and other Arabian Peninsula), and have brought a wealth of experience straight to your plate.
We love our food and we want you to enjoy our famous Nepali hospitality and truly mouth watering food.
The preparation of food revolves around the use of fresh herbs and spices, many of which are unique to Nepali cooking, and are prepared in "KHAL" stone Mortar-rather than powder use in the Asian Cuisines. All our dishes are prepared by chefs with the great care and attention and has no room for short cut methods.
We are always happy to accommodate special requests, if there is something in particular you would like and you cannot find it on the menu, Please do ask. Our experienced chefs will try their best to serve you dishes of your choice. It is always advisable to book ahead, and to discuss any special advisable to book ahead, and to discuss any special requests while making your booking.
Remember your opinion matters, and we would love to hear from you about your meal - it's not just a meal, for us it is memories served with love.

Enjoy our cuisine.



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Gurkha Junction Ltd
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